The city of Tristram lies in ruin; no grain or fruit will grow in its’ fallow and blood soaked soil. Those that survived the horrors here fled as fast as their feet or horses could carry them.

Outside the ruins of Tristram, the Rogue Encampment of the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye offers shelter from the dark that creeps in ever closer with each passing night. The people lose hope as more and more of them go missing every week; there are no farmers left to till the land, and very few merchants with trade with the sisters, fearing for their lives of what evil waits for them in the night.

Then one afternoon just before dusk, five strangers arrive, all of them drawn a by single star in the sky; an omen that brought them all to this place for different reasons. Some have made the journey to old Tristram to seek glory and the lost treasure of the Mad King Leoric, others have come seeking answers to questions not yet asked and still others have come to this place to see if the stories were true.

Whatever their reasons for being in this forsaken land, the five have come and the fate of all men rests with them.

Tales of the Dark Wanderer

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